How Live-Streaming Breaks the COVID Curse for Your Business

With COVID-19 causing prolonged business disruptions, brands around the world embark on a search for powerful marketing tools that would help them succeed in the new normal. While face-to-face connections remain inviable, the online world offers infinite possibilities. Among which, live-streaming proves to be one of the most promising social media marketing strategies. Read on to discover the power of live streams.

Live Stream Hosted by Spread-it for a Hotpot Brand

  1. Live-stream anywhere, audience everywhere Social distancing is no hindrance to live-streaming. Instead of gathering in the same venue for a live event, people can watch your live stream while staying safe at home. All they need is simply a mobile device. The entrance barrier to receiving your brand’s message is now close to nothing. With live streams, marketing efforts translate more directly to views, and thereby sales.

  2. Real time, real person, real engagement Every businessman knows that trust is the foundation of a long-lasting B2C relationship. During live streams, viewers interact with actual persons. Hosts often have to respond to viewers’ enquiries on the spot. The unpredictability in a live stream, together with the lack of edits and interruptions to the video, present the hosts as genuine and trust-worthy, humanizing the brand at the same time.

  3. Viewer retention maximisation To brands, live streams also provide more control over user experience. Unlike marketing through texts or pre-recorded videos, you may determine your upcoming move depending on the audience's live reaction. You have full power on how to retain your viewers at any given moment. The longer people stay in a live stream, the more likely they will catch your promotional message, say, a limited offer only during airtime. Who knows? They may even be your next customer! 

  4. Down the cost, up the sales Live-streaming is a cost-effective way to boost your sales. You can offer your potential customers the experience of a live event without the hassle of venue rental, manpower recruitment, and logistics arrangement. On the other hand, it gives you greater flexibility than pre-recorded publications, so that you may personally get your message across. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, micro-influencer marketing could be a lifesaver for your business. Spread-it recently hosted and invited micro-influencers to promote a live broadcast on Facebook for a hotpot brand. This creative collaboration resulted in high engagement from netizens and a boost in company sales. To learn how you can make this happen, contact us today! 

Written by Michelle Chan

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