Fake followers? Overpredicted reach rate? Unauthentic engagement rate? These are the common problems that people face with the use of micro-influencer marketing, but they never happened for the users of Spread-it.

We walk furthers steps for you.

Spread-it has established a holistic client portal with all the data analysed, including the actual reach, engagement, and interaction rates, to ensure the transparency and the authenticity of the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing campaigns. The social media profiles owned by Spread-it are all professional accounts verified as either business or creator accounts. Combined with our client portal, our profiles would definitely help you beat the odds.

You may wonder – how are these professional accounts different from the personal accounts?

  1. Transparency to the insightful analytics

  2. The growth data provided to users of Instagram professional accounts allow us to access the updated data of the micro-influencers’ profiles, including reach, engagement, and interaction rates. Our client portal collects and analyses all these numbers, turning them into a holistic report where you could gain an insight into the efficiency of micro-influencer marketing at a glance.

  3. Authenticity of the follower base

  4. The utilisation of the growth data offered by Instagram integrated with the analysis made by our client portal would allow you to filter out profiles with low engagement rate and potentially fake follower base, so as to fuel your business with real growth, instead of the exaggerated reach rate that can only be estimated through superficial data such as the number of followers.

  5. Rising above the noise – the magic of algorithm

  6. Instagram’s algorithm is changing how and when the micro-influencers’ posts are being seen. Without upgrading their profiles to professional accounts, their content would vanish into the vast ocean of information. The content posted by professional accounts would often be prioritised and rise above the rest of the crowd. Collaborating with our micro-influencers would allow your products to be seen and stand out.

Spread-it strives to provide you with the best experience of establishing your brands through micro-influencer marketing. We recognise the problems, evolve, and grow. We reveal the real data to our clients and turn our missions into motivations. Contact us today to set up your marketing campaign and let us inspire you on your journey to business growth.

__________________________________________________________________________________Winnie Yim

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