Live Streaming Best Practice: Tips to Grow Your E-commerce Sales Fast

Live Streaming in Hong Kong

Ever since the pandemic began, live streaming has been a hit in Hong Kong.

While many retailers are moving their brick-and-mortar businesses to the internet, customers’ shopping behaviour has also switched from offline to online. Unlike staying at your offline store, standing in front of a camera can in fact bring you at least 300 to 400 unique viewships in just an hour. You can also have the well-trained hosts to strengthen the connections between the goods and the viewers, encouraging more impulse buying decisions.

Using live platforms to advertise is simply virtually unlimited, whether you're aiming for multiple channels or just one, here are some tips for you!

3 Tips to Gain More Sales Through Live Streaming

1. Homegrown live hosts instead of KOLs

Although KOL marketing is proven to be an effective communicator across various social media, it is not always the best solution. Without proper skills, it is hard to capture an audience's attention from start to finish. Hence, if you wish to maximize the impact of your live streams, your host must be equipped with advanced techniques as a good salesperson.

Sometimes, KOLs refuse to take a direct and pushy approach, which might result in little to no immediate sales. Of course, "hard sell" should not be the only keypoint on your script, but it is also important for you to get straight to the point, otherwise viewers might skip it entirely. That’s why you should hire a professional who can utilize both soft and hard promotional tactics under different circumstances. Early this year, Colgate has invited Fat Boy from Error and Keung To from Mirror to host a 30-minute live show. Thanks to their superb improvisation and ad-libbing skills, the video acquired over 14K views and 2K comments at once.

2. Promote your live streams in advance

From a marketing perspective, a live streaming is more like an event than a blog post. Thus, you have to create awareness beforehand if you hope to gain major jumps in viewership traffic.

You are strongly encouraged to promote the live content about a week before the actual date. For instance, scheduling an event on Facebook so your subscribers will be notified. If budget is not a concern, you can also create paid ads to reach an extended audience beyond existing followers. In addition, a teaser to let your potential audience have a brief understanding of your upcoming live show.

3. Look and sound professional

Given that there is no chance for a pause or do-over, streaming is not as easy as it may seem. The first thing you need is to make sure is the production quality since nothing ruins a live stream quite like a shaky camera and buzzing noise. It goes without saying that a professional-grade video content requires investment in pricy hardwares, for example, a 4K ultra-HD camcorder, solid tripod, LED lights and so on. Not to mention a decent backdrop with your logo which can help to brand your video content and maintain a visual consistency.

Still, even with a comprehensive preparation list on hand, setting up a live stream can be troublesome for beginners. A more cost-effective alternative is to rent a livestream studio and hire technical support specialists to take care of all the hassle.

So... Should You Consider KOL's live broadcast?

Don’t get us wrong, KOLs still have their place, they just serve a different purpose. Homegrown live hosts know the best tips to engage with online audiences, whereas the KOLs are better at reaching a more targeted and niche market to promote your products.

If you are still not sure whichever suits you the most, you can try taking the following factors into account:

  • What is your key objective? To boost sales or to make an emotional connection?

  • Do you really need to gain access to the KOL's followers?

  • Will the KOLs cause branding problems? For example, making it hard for you to differentiate your brand over other competitors.

  • Will the audience raise concerns that laymen might not be able to address?

  • What is your budget?

Spread-it: Your Best Live Streaming Solution

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