3 Common Mistakes with Micro-influencer Marketing

The common mistakes made by marketers when launching a micro-influencer campaign

October 18, 2022
3 Common Mistakes with Micro-influencer Marketing

Just like any other marketing strategy, micro-influencer marketing does not have a formula for success. With little prior experience, brands may find this relatively new marketing strategy even harder to master. So how do we maximize the chance of a successful marketing campaign? As experts in micro-influencer marketing, we have identified three common mistakes with this practice. Avoid them, and you will have a head start!

The more followers, the better

The number of followers is not everything. Unlike KOLs whose values are largely determined by their reach, micro-influencers boast authenticity (click here to learn why). In this case, people with a more modest follower base may get your brand message across better than those with over 10K followers. Moreover, the average cost is lower. So, no worries, the scale you lose on choosing micro-influencers with fewer followers can be compensated with collaborating with more micro-influencers.

Being too restrictive

The impacts micro-influencers can make are limited when they have too many restrictions on content creation. Without a doubt, clear guidelines on campaign objectives and other key information are essential. Yet fixing too much content for micro-influencers reduces authenticity. Sometimes, the number of hashtags micro-influencers have to include is just too much. Other times, the captions they are required to post are no different from each other. All these negatively affect how readers perceive the posts. After all, it is their personalities and unique voices that captivate their audience. Leave them with more creative freedom and let the results amaze you.

It’s just about one-off posting

There are many more ways to collaborating with micro-influencers than just having them post a product picture. For instance, you can invite them to your events, and encourage them to share their experience through social media. You may even select a group of micro-influencers that best fit your brand image to be your ambassadors. Then, engage them in a series of activities to connect people to your brand. When it comes to the mode of collaboration, the possibilities are endless. The only limitation is your imagination.

Micro-influencer marketing is a newly-emerged strategy not everyone is familiar with. In just a few years, Spread-it has launched over 10k+ campaigns with 1200+ brands, accumulating considerable experience in the field. As the largest micro-influencer marketing agency in Hong Kong, we also have the resources and marketing sense to capture for you your target audience. Contact us to create an impactful marketing campaign today!