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Live Streaming allows businesses to reach new potential audience, and more possibilities for engaging with the audience!

Illustration of 香港Spread-it host performing live-streaming
Two screenshot of Facebook's live streaming in 香港

Operating support

Our team plans and handles everything about your product live-streaming

Script & Programme

Design promotion angle that would be the mostengaging for the live streaming

Backdrop, visual and props

Prepare the backdrop, visuals and props needed during the live streaming. These will be customized for different brands.

Live Host handling

Select, handle and manage live hosts

Hardware Support

We have all live-streaming hardware and equipments available and ready, so you don't have to worry about them

Cam, Light, Mic, Laptop

Prepare all the hardware needed during the live streaming, as well as the set up of these hardware

Venue & props Setup

We could help setting up the venue to be live-streaming ready with all the related props

A camera live-streaming a host at 香港
Razor Live streaming marketing materials in 香港

Marketing Support

We also help to promote and market your livestream, making sure it creates the biggest impact

Pre-live promotion

We will prepare the feed and visual for the teaser post on brand's and artist's (if any) social platforms

Micro-influencer marketing

We will guarantee viewers for the campaign, recruit micro-influencers to share the live, watch the live and engage with the engagement games

past cases

Featured Case Studies

Colgate 香港Facebook Live-streaming screenshots
colgate logo

Colgate would like to use live-streaming on Facebook to drive new followers and awareness for its products. Spread-it invited Mirror's Keung To and Error's Fatboy to the hosts, and handled all aspects of the live stream, including hardware (cameras, mics, lighting etc.), software (visual design, audio controlling, camera switching) and marketing.

Peak Viewers
Total Reach
Total Engagements
MaBelle 香港Facebook Live-streaming screenshots
mabelle logo

MaBelle would like to debut its 12 Valentine's collections by live-streaming on both Instagram and Facebook. We invited Mirror's Jer as the host and leveraged his popularity to drive engagements. Compared to other jewellery brands live-streaming at the same time, MaBelle's Live Stream views and engagements are double of competitors.

Avg viewers/min
Total Reach
Total Engagemetns
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