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A 香港Micro-influencer (Spreadian) earning monetary rewards and products
As spreadian, you can

Earn monetary rewards and products

Exchange your creativity and quality content for monetary rewards and free products. Your contents get paid off!

As spreadian, you can

Connect with brands effortlessly

We bring you the brands and connections, so you can focus on doing what you love and enjoying the exposure.

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A 香港Micro-influencer (Spreadian) enjoying the perks provided by Spread-it
As spreadian, you can

Enjoy all perks

We value our Spreadian so much. Spreadian can enjoy different exclusive discounts and events.

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1. Download and Sign-up

Download Spread-it app from App Store or Google Play and sign-up via your phone number

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2. Link-up your social accounts

Link-up you social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Page)

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3. Choose what you love

Apply for campaigns & collaborate with brands

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4. Create your content

Create content according to the brief and your creativity

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5. Get Rewarded

Your content paid off! Enjoy your rewards!

How to join campaigns?

Few simple steps and you are all set!

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