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Unlock your pool of influencers, drive your key-opinion-consumers to promote for your brand with ease! We have over 100k+ micro-influencers (SPREADIANS) that are all ready to promote for your brand!  

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What is Micro-influencers?

A micro-influencer are active social media users with more than 1,000 followers on social media. They are known for particular area of interests and have very high rates of engagement from their audiences.

Brands and agencies often choose micro-influencer due to their authenticity, and helping to create a public awareness on social media.


Why Micro-influencers?

Comparison on the engagement rates of 香港micro-influencers and KOLs

Higher engagement rate per post

According to our past campaigns, Micro-influencers with 1k-3k followers have the best engagement rate, up to 10-20% vs KOL's 2-3%.

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Create High-Quality Authentic Contents

Micro-influencer helps to create good quality content on social media in an authentic way

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Buzzing impact on social media with massive content

Micro-influencers can create hundreds of content in an extremely short period of time. This is particularly useful in creating a viral promotion on social media.

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Largest micro-influencer database

Spread-it contains over 100,000 micro-influencers around Asia, covering multiple segments with different interests, e.g. university students, parents, sports lovers, pets owner, foodies and more

Data-driven list curation

Spread-it's proprietary algorithm automatically curates the most suitable micro-influencers list based on 100+ variables, e.g. photo style, photo quality, audience demographics, post performances etc.

Quality Assurance

All micro-influencers' posts are reviewed by our system and account management team before publishing on social media, making sure only the best quality of feeds are published

Dedicated and experienced team

We are one of the first micro-influencers platforms around Asia. We have completed over 10,000+ campaigns and are highly skilled at executing different micro-influencers campaigns at scale. We are able to perform from 100 to 1000 micro-influencers campaign at ease

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Multiple Micro-influencer campaign format supported

Photo, Video, Instagram Story & Reels
Product sponsorship delivery
Attend offline event
Instagram/Facebook Followers Growth
Like/Share/Comment on your posts
past cases

Featured Case Studies

Spread-it 香港Hong Kong micro-influencers Instagram post example
Mcdonald's logo

McDonald's launched new Luncheon Meet McMuffin (新餐肉蛋漢堡) and would like to generate massive engagements among university students. We have engaged over 100 micro-influencers to try out the new burger and share what they think about the new burger on their Instagram within 2 weeks.

Total Engagements
Avg Engagements
Spread-it 香港Hong Kong micro-influencers Instagram post example
onedegree logo

OneDegree is one of the virtual insurance platforms in HK, and would like to generate awareness and conversion of their new product, "OneDegree Fire Insurance". 150+ micro-influencers generated massive awareness on their Instagram by sharing how they could save money by using OneDegree vs traditional insurance brands.

Total Engagemetns
Avg Engagements
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