3 Reasons for Choosing Micro-influencer Marketing

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October 18, 2022
3 Reasons for Choosing Micro-influencer Marketing

Everyone has their influential power. Nowadays, social media is the most popular platform for product research. Consequently, having micro-influencers, i.e. social media figures with a smaller but more engaged follower base than Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), to promote your brand has become the trendiest marketing strategy. Find out below why you should also start working with micro-influencers!

Authentic and trust-worthy

Each micro-influencer has its established network of followers who are either friends in real life or are more familiar with their online presence. Unlike celebrities, micro-influencers are deemed more genuine and reliable by their followers. Advertising contents personalized by them are, therefore, often well-perceived. Followers feel more comfortable with engaging in the conversation, ensuring views to be converted to sales.

High penetration

Since we all follow a few interest-based accounts on social media, it is without a doubt that micro-influencer marketing enables brands to reach various niches. For instance, we may recruit 30 mums to blast a parenting brand’s promotional message on various social networking sites. This message will then be read by millions of parents online, penetrating deep into your target audience, without wasting your budget on irrelevant people.


Given the lower number of followers, the average cost of working with a micro-influencer is much cheaper than a KOL. With a fixed budget, you can partner with a group of micro-influencers instead of just one or two public figures to generate a much higher ROI. To create the ultimate frenzy for your brand, you may consider sponsoring several KOLs to start the buzz, then have a group of micro-influencers relay your brand message to everyone on the internet.

Now that you have learned about the benefits of micro-influencer marketing, you may wonder, “how may I kick-start a campaign?” Spread-it is the largest micro-influencer platform in Hong Kong with over 20K micro-influencers. From campaign design, influencer matching and management, to final evaluation, we provide holistic marketing services that guarantee online buzz for your company. Bothered by unsatisfactory business performance during the COVID-19 pandemic? Contact us today to learn how micro-influencer marketing may boost your sales!