What Makes us Different: Statistics Other Companies Never (Dare to) Tell you

Some secrets that other companies will never tell you

October 18, 2022
What Makes us Different: Statistics Other Companies Never (Dare to) Tell you

The client portal established by Spread-it is way more than a platform of information delivery – it provides an aggregate of analysed data obtained from the official channel of Facebook and Instagram where you would master all the necessary statistics of your marketing campaigns at a single glance.

Averaged and Analysed Engagement

The well-established client portal collects all the background data of the social media posts regarding your marketing campaign, allowing you to gain an insight into the total number of social media users that are actually reached by your campaign. In order to ensure a certain level of penetration into the followers of the micro-influencers, we analyse the Engagement by Reach and averaged the Engagement Rate for you.

Industry Benchmark

Other companies may glamorise the effectiveness of your marketing campaign by providing a myriad of raw data without any sorts of comparison. Spread-it reveals to you the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing campaign by comparing the Cost per Engagement with the industry average, understanding the real performance of your campaign. We keep everything transparent and be honest with you on the way of assisting you to establish your brand.

Demographic Statistics

Spread-it analyses the demographic data of the micro-influencers’ follower base which help you assess the penetration level of your campaign into your corresponding targeted market. Ranging from age groups to genders, the vast variety of information would allow you to direct your marketing campaign and better focus on your target audience.

We reveal to you the bright and dark sides without holding back, allowing you to evolve and grow according to the real and analysed data. Contact us today and set up a micro-influencer campaign that works best.